Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kickstarter Spotlight: Witch Girls: Book of Shadows

Witch Girls Adventures is an independent role-playing game based on the award-winning Witch Girls comic books. Players create magic using characters who have adventures both in the real and magic worlds and learn how to harness their power. The game, which is for ages 11 and up, is the creation of Channel M productions. It was designed for female players, and looks specifically aimed at young girls who may be getting into roleplaying.

I recently found out about a Kickstarter project for Witch Girls: Book of Shadows, which will be a follow-up to Witch Girls Adventures. The goal for the project on Kickstarter was $2,000 and with 17 days to go 82 backers have pledged $3,517. However, the game's publishers have laid out the plans if they continue to exceed their goal. More pledges mean a much more polished product, so consider a donation!

Here is an example of the character sheet for Witch Girls: Book of Shadows.

Learn more about Witch Girls Adventures on the game's website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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