Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food Network Star Hopeful Chef Damaris Phillips Needs Your Votes!

Damaris Phillips
In addition to being a purveyor of geekery, I'm also an aspiring foodie. I love to cook and I draw a great deal of inspiration from what I watch on the Food Network. Our cable provider picked up the channel when I was probably five years old and for most of my childhood I would pretend to host my own cooking shows. Oh, what am I saying? I still do that sometimes! I'm not going to be getting my own show on the Food Network any time soon, but Louisville chef Damaris Phillips just might. She's in the running to win the Next Food Network Star competition after chopping away at her fellow contestants for the last ten weeks.

In order to be a contender, you must come up with a culinary point of view and judges must be able to see this through weekly challenges. Competitors must exhibit grace under pressure, because even though TV chefs record episodes of their programs, one must be able to go with the flow. There are even live demonstrations in which hopefuls are charged with impressing an audience. Ultimately, those who rise to the top are not only able to carry their "Culinary POV" throughout the competition, but they are able to be themselves while doing so.

Damaris' casting interview

Chef Phillips has a degree in culinary arts and teaches at Jefferson Community and Technical College. From the outset, her POV was Southern cuisine and she's set to show that there's more to the south than fried chicken and grits. This week, as one of the final contestants, she was able to shoot a pilot which would indicate her style. "Eat Date Love" would be a series in which Damaris teaches men how to woo their sweetheart using food. She is also the only female competitor in the finale.

Damaris' pilot "Eat Date Love" impressed coach Alton Brown

If this short pilot is any indication, Damaris Phillips has a long career on the Food Network ahead of her. You can vote for her for the next 24 hours (through 9am Wednesday) with the winner crowned next Sunday night at 9pm. Much like other reality competitions, there are two ways to vote and you can vote up to 10 times daily. Head over to http://star.foodnetwork.com/ or call 855-54-STAR-1 to vote for Damaris.

Best of luck to Damaris Phillips. Let's bring the Next Food Network Star title home to Kentucky!

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