Monday, September 12, 2011

Explore history of Westeros in A Game of Thrones: Genesis

Yesterday, George R. R. Martin put up a post on his blog entitled "A Taste of Cyanide." It detailed the new fantasy strategy game being released by Cyanide Studios based on the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire. Game of Thrones: Genesis, which is set to release on September 28, immerses the player in conflicts and intrigue between the Houses of Westeros. The game allows players to take different avenues to claiming power: economic, militaristic, or political, with many choices allowing you to complete your goal. More info and teaser trailer after the break!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Infographic: The Evolution of Star Trek

45 years ago yesterday the original Star Trek series premiered on television and it boldly went where no TV series had gone before. Today, William Shatner has a horse farm in Kentucky where his wife is a member of the local arts scene. We're proud to call The Shat an honorary Kentuckian! Infographic after the break.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kentucky For Kentucky celebrates kick a** Kentuckians

A few months ago I noticed a Facebook page called Kentucky for Kentucky had been created. The goal: to spotlight the Bluegrass state and the amazing contributions and cultural influences it has made since its entered the Union in 1792. Some notable people include George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Josh Hutcherson, Diane Sawyer, Ashley Judd, Lee Majors, Jeri Ryan... okay the list goes on and on. It's been my mission since I founded KGG to spotlight the awesomeness of Kentucky's geeky side with features on comic book shops and gaming shops as well as other interesting stories. Our site is called Kentucky Geek Girl after all and we're very proud of our state!

Elementary, my dear geek!

Semesters are finally starting at colleges across the country this week and with it comes new classes and fulfilling the wonderful general education requirements. For my history major, I'm taking The Age of Samurai and Europe 1914-1945. For my Anthropology minor, I was able to get into a class on Explorers and Anthropologists where I'm going to be doing a project on representations of explorers and adventurers in popular culture. (Cue *Dun duh dun duhhhhh*) Transylvania University (where I attended college) has a history of offering some pretty awesome classes. There have been Foundations of Liberal Arts (Freshman writing and composition) courses on Appalachian stereotypes, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I took a course on comedy called Laughing Matters. Some classes have even studied ghost hunting! Pretty awesome stuff. Transy isn't the only university to teach some pretty interesting and geeky classes. Check out a list after the break!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

University of Kentucky holds world's largest water balloon fight

Brigham Young University set world record for the world's largest water balloon fight in 2010. The University of Kentucky is nothing if not ambitious, so Christian Student Fellowship sponsored a fight during K-Week (freshman orientation/move-in week) on August 26. Over 175,100 balloons were used in the fight.

Balloons were provided by KAOS, a company that makes water balloon launchers. 8.957 members of the University of Kentucky community participated in the fight which was held at the Johnson Center (athletic center) at UK. 

As Transylvania alumnae, we're super proud of our friends at the University of Kentucky. Good job, guys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hugh Jackman to lead Les Miserables cast

In my first Broadway Geek post, I talked about my love for Les Miserables. Due to scheduling conflicts, shooting on Wolverine 2 may be pushed to Spring of 2012, which could allow Les Mis, starring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, to begin production in February. I. am. stoked. Jackman has a fantastic voice. He won a Tony for The Boy From Oz and has hosted the ceremony several times. He also was Executive Producer of Viva Laughlin, a musical series which appeared briefly on CBS, in which he had a small role and did a number or two. Not only can he sing, but he can dance as well! I would  absolutely love to see him in a movie adaptation of one of my favorite musicals.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gizmodo blogger threatened by the awesome

Two days ago, I read the Gizmodo article where Alyssa Bereznak blasts Jon Finkel for omitting his gaming habits from his OKCupid profile. As I have talked about before, I'm a gamer, but Magic the Gathering isn't my forte. So, I didn't know who he was, let alone that he was a World Champion MtG player. Was I impressed? I sure as hell was. What didn't impress me was Bereznak's lack of class in writing the article. I was a bit confused as to why her article appeared on Gizmodo, if only because it was about an online dating site, thus making it semi-tech. She didn't just talk about having a bad dating experience, she blamed the bad experience on the fact that Finkel was a world champion Magic the Gathering player.