Friday, April 20, 2012

Two Great 'Hunger Games' Musical Tributes

You see what I did there? ;-) I know that these have made their way around the internet over the past few months, but I wanted to share them again. I love "The Hunger Games" and I love video parodies so this is pretty much a quadruple win. Both songs contain basic spoilers for the books and movie. Little details here and there, but they can probably be construed as spoilers.

Lana Del Rey's Hunger Games

I wasn't actually a fan of Lana Del Rey when I first heard "Video Games" during her performance on Saturday Night Live a few months ago, but like most things the song has definitely grown on me. I like "Hunger Games" as singer Holly Laurent has used the early footage of the movie to capture the feel of the original song''s video.  Laurent is a singer and actress who has been involved with the Second City comedy troupe. Favorite line, "They called the name of my sis, but don't you fuck with Katniss, I'll kill you fo sho." Also, "A pita/Peeta is a piece of bread, but that's his name." You can download the song on iTunes. Kudos to Holly for looking and sounding the part. Frankly, I think she sounds better than Lana Del Rey!

Mandy Maynard - Hunger Games (Parody of Bruno Mars "Grenade")

Mandy is back at it again with another awesome parody. Last summer, she did an awesome farewell to Harry Potter and here she tackles the world of District 12. She's able to create a narrative which syncs up perfectly with the tune by Bruno Mars. Mandy is very expressive and I also like seeing what she does visually with her videos, including the use of green screen to be the girl on fire. She rocks the Katniss braid, grabs her bow and hides up in a tree, and even gets stung by Tracker Jackers. Great job, Mandy! You can follow Mandy on Twitter @i_Mandy and subscribe to her YouTube channel.  Also, buy the song here. Can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve for her next blockbuster parody. Maybe an Avengers parody? That'd be pretty sweet.

Have you run across any more fun Hunger Games parodies? Share them in the comments or on the Facebook page.

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