Natasha Collier is a historian and blogger of popular culture originally from Eastern Kentucky. She began Kentucky Geek Girl as an outlet for discussion of gaming, but quickly expanded to a home for all types of geekery. A graduate of Transylvania University, she used her interest in popular culture in her research, writing about topics such as "Star Trek and Anthropology" and "X-Men and the Civil Rights Movement." She enjoys examining the fusion of history and popular culture.

Natasha is an avid gamer who enjoys role playing games, board games, MMOs such as World of Warcraft, all of which she discusses on her blog. Natasha also likes to discuss her interests in music, movies, books, and television. She is a Whovian, lifelong fan of Star Trek, and obsesses daily over Benedict Cumberbatch.

She has appeared on podcasts for Word of the Nerd Online including DC Confidential, Film Fans (of which she will be the new host), Gamers World, Word of the Nerd Podcast, and Good Girls Gone Geek. She has also been a guest on Completely Comics and Beaucoup Pop. Natasha currently hosts The Eclectic Geek Podcast with Leila McGuire of The Fandomonium.  In 2012, she appeared in a Google Hangout with Felicia Day and Sean "Day 9" Plott discussing her experience waiting in line for 2008's release of Wrath of the Lich King, the expansion to World of Warcraft.