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Kiss My Assassin Blog Tour: Wine Pairings with Cara


I'm honored for Kentucky Geek Girl's stop on the Kiss My Assassin Blog Tour to celebrate the release of Uncontrollably Wasted, the second book of the Wasted series by C. Elizabeth Vescio. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it looks like it's going to be another fantastic ride. Be sure to check out my review of Elegantly Wasted, which I absolutely loved.

Uncontrollably Wasted by C. Elizabeth Vescio

"It's like there's a perfect storm brewing and we're going to be stuck in the middle of it..."

It's been a year since Francesca Fairholm met the rest of the Osiris team and the company heads, her two half brothers Nero and Lex. As they groom her for leadership, it's all Frankie can do to keep her cynical sarcasm in check as she starts training two new Strikers, avoids the romantic advances of Spark Dawson, and does her best to pry a little family history from her cold, distant Aunt Alexa. 

With the pressure of her secret dual life building and her mother acting suspiciously, Frankie's sanity is pushed to the brink when she makes a grisly discovery that shakes the young Striker to her core. Despite her cousins' fear that her panic attacks signal a full mental breakdown, Frankie is positive she's not crazy. Finding clarity in her personal investigation into Osiris's origins, she uncovers more about the company than she would rather know.

As her life starts to unravel, things get deadly and, before she knows it, she's facing down an old target's pissed-off widow, an unstoppable mercenary, and the one thing she's most terrified of admitting to herself. 

It's possible the whole situation won't explode in her face. Yeah, like Frankie has that kind of luck.

Now I'll let Cara take it away with some of her favorite book and wine pairings!

I'm giving you three very different books to try out to a range of wine.

Uncontrollably Wasted:
If you want to drink with the big dogs- AKA Kat Fairholm, you have to take a step into Napa Valley where you'll find Cakebread Cellars. Their Chardonnay is pretty delicious but it can be hard to track down because it's almost always on allocation... and it's around $100 a bottle. But fear not, you can enjoy this book with a simple Coppola or La Crema Chardonnay as well... much more in a reasonable price range and easy to find at your local grocery store.


Blood Money:
I'm not sure wine is a good bet for this intense thriller by Doug Richardson- you might want to just head right for the Scotch... but I found that Pinot Noir works pretty well while reading this book... mainly because it's pretty gritty and nuts- in a fantastic way. You need the wine to calm your precious nerves. Freeman is my top choice, while Coppola runs in second and is a more reasonable price range. 


Left Drowning:
Winding down the list is this emotional younger adult tilt-a-whirl by Jessica Park. At this time, I'm only halfway through it but I've already consumed a couple of bottles of Stella Rosa in its honor. Stella is sweet and pairs well with the character's wit and banter. You really can't go wrong with anything this winery offers- you almost feel guilty for consuming it because you know it's a step away from box wine... but it's so fucking good... it will keep you afloat in the waters of Left Drowning.


Thank you so much, Cara! I hope everyone enjoys your suggestions. I'll be sure to pick up some Chardonnay when I sit down to read Uncontrollably Wasted!

C. Elzabeth Vescio
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