Sunday, April 22, 2012

Legendary 'Zelda' Musical

So, musicals are pretty awesome. The Buffy musical episode: awesome, Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog: fantastic, random musical episodes of other television shows: fantastic. And then, there are these gems that we find on the interwebs. Video after the break!

The music of The Legend of Zelda (and subsequent games) in the franchise is awesome. Inspired by the compositions of Koji Kondo, Mitchell Moffitt scored and wrote lyrics to a Legend of Zelda musical that has been making its way around the web. Little did I know that one of my favorite YouTubers Corey Vidal lent his voice to the evil Ganondorf, the archenemy of Link and captor of Zelda, who desires to take over Hyrule.

The music and lyrics are fantastic. I also love the way the pixelated sprites were used; they looked great. Actually, I loved everything about this. I only hated that it was just under 4 minutes long. Seriously, it needs to be a full-length musical, either digitally made or live action, I don't care. I love the story of The Legend of Zelda, though I haven't played all of the games. But really, let's be honest, this needs to be an actual musical, not just a 4 minute video on YouTube, as awesome as the video is. I can honestly see how Moffitt could take each situation in the song and use them to flesh out an actual book. The alternate ending is awesome as well. Check it out.

You can download the song through iTunes and Bandcamp.

LINK: Mitchell Moffit -
DEKU TREE: Tay Zonday -
GANONDORF: Corey Vidal -
ZELDA: Tammy Whetham -
MALON: Leah Daniels -
CHORUS: ApprenticeEh -

What other video game do you think would be a great musical?

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