Monday, March 19, 2012

LCTC Spotlight: Kenn Minter

Lexington comic artist Kenn Minter will be among the 200 vendors at Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. Minter just held a signing at The Morris Bookshop to promote the release of his new book Tales of the Emerald Yeti #1. The artist is a Lexington resident who is also behind I'm Not From Here.

I bought a copy of Tales of the Emerald Yeti and was really impressed with both the artwork and story. It was actually the first comic book that I've ever purchased, so it was really exciting for me! He has been producing illustrations and comics professionally for two decades. I'm Not From Here is a weekly strip that appears on Comic Related. Kenn is also owner of Near Mint Press Books, which publishes The Experts and other titles by Minter.

Check this episode of Beaucoup Pop for more from Kenn! You can find his work at and I'm Not From Here.

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