Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trailer Tuesday: Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel Bring Out the Big Guns

It's Trailer Tuesday. We've got two great trailers from very different movie franchises after the jump!

Today I witnessed one of the greatest movie trailers that I've ever seen. The final full-length trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness hit the internet and geeks rejoiced. My initial reaction, as seen in my initial sharing of the trailer was, "Dang. I mean. Dang. This is on point." I truly believe that it was. This trailer features a great deal of new footage from the movie set to be released in just one month. I read today that there have been 26 trailers for STID. Wow.

I could go on with an analysis, but just watch the dang trailer.

And then, out of nowhere, we get the third trailer for this summer's highly anticipated Superman reboot Man of Steel. It's been fairly cryptic up until now, but I think that publicity will be really ramping up soon, since we're about 2.5 months away from release. A couple of days ago, a viral video was released featuring a voice over by Lexington native Michael Shannon, who plays General Zod in the film. 

It's a stunning trailer. We get some exposition, we get stunning visuals, we really see how the movie could work in 3D. I wasn't very hyped to see this, but after seeing this trailer, I definitely am. As far as Christopher Nolan related projects go, I believe this will blow The Dark Knight Rises out of the water.

A couple of weeks ago in my Question of the Day, I asked Facebook fans if they thought that trailers spoiled too much of the movie nowadays. Some thought that they weren't, one person mentioned that many trailers are so out of context, you have to see the movie to be able to put the story together. What do you think?

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