Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LCTC Spotlight: Beaucoup Pop

A few months ago, I finally met the wonderful team of Beaucoup Pop after a year of reading their blog and listening to the podcast. They've been hugely supportive of Kentucky Geek Girl and it's awesome to be part of the Lexington geek scene with them. BP is a podcast in which the hosts Justin, Tressa, Matt, and Kerry share their loves: movies, comics, music, books, anime, video games, TV, manga, board games. Like with what I like to do here at KGG, they pimp out the things that they think are awesome on their weekly podcast and through their blog. You can subscribe to their podcast through iTunes or listen to it on their Libsyn page! While they do have a page which you can like, the real action takes place in their group on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter for updates in 140 characters.

Not only are the team of Beaucoup Pop awesome bloggers and podcasters, they're phenomenal artists; Justin and Tressa will each have a table promoting their own artwork. You can find Tressa's art blog at Birdiebo Art and Justin's online collection at Pop Stew Comics!

I was a guest on the show last week (50th episode, woo woo!) and we talked about John Carter, the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention (DUH!), and Justin makes a great joke about Batman cleansing Gotham of evil. Check out the episode here.

I'm really excited to be table neighbors with these guys!

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