Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pardon the dust

Friends, it's probably not hard to see that there have been a lot of changes made around here the last few days. I wanted to wait until I'd prepared everything to unveil the new awesomeness that had been in store for Kentucky Geek Girl all at once, but I was too excited to keep it a secret. (Full disclosure: that is a character flaw.) Anyway, I wanted to throw up a little post to let you know that the changes are not all complete and there may be some broken links, some dust flying, but things will be back to normal very soon, because LEXINGTON COMIC AND TOY CONVENTION IS ONE WEEK AWAY! Holy convention season Batman! It's here!

So, while I have you captivated, why don't I just share some stuff? First of all, I will have 2 more sets passes to the convention to give away. The details aren't fully in place yet, I just know that y'all have to work for it. It will be fun. Trust me.

Speaking of giving away free, awesome stuff. Lesley of Geek Soap and I have partnered for the convention to provide some freebies to convention goers. I'll have some soap up for grabs on Saturday, but again, you're going to have to work for it. Look for details in the coming days. I'm also going to have some neat stuff from The Morris Bookshop and Apex Publications available to win. I'm seeing what else we can rustle up so stay tuned for all of those details.

Also in the next week, I'm going to have some previews of folks who will be part of the convention in some way. Exhibitors, vendors, guests, you name it. Look for that!

And finally, as you can see, there's a rather awesome new avatar for the site. Said logo, which I will affectionately call Mini Me, was designed by the extremely talented Michael Parsons. He's a Kentucky native who runs his own site Geekasms which is full of fun nerdity. Words really cannot express how thankful I am for his time and hard work to help facilitate this transformation of the site. Check out his site and if you're looking for a graphic designer, definitely contact him because he is simply awesome! She really looks like me and it's kind of eery. Even my mom approves. So, yay for Michael and his awesome work. A million thanks to him!

So, yeah, that's about it. I'm a bit behind on the reviewing, having seen some pretty good movies in the  last few weeks. I'm thinking about maybe doing some video reviews or videos in general. That might be fun! Yay! Just be patient while I get all of these aesthetic kinks worked out. I'm excited for the future, so just hang on with me!

Be sure to give me some feedback. I'd really appreciate it!


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