Sunday, October 19, 2014

The best laid plans - An Update

There comes a time when one must take a step back and evaluate the importance of something in one's life. Is what I am doing successful? Is it meaningful to me and to other people? Is this something that I want to continue to do? I find myself looking at Kentucky Geek Girl in this way, and that's not a bad thing.

I started KGG in 2010 as an outlet to talk about gaming. I looked at a couple of apps that year and then started writing about pop culture in an expanded sense. It was then I started reviewing movies here and there and things pretty much took off. In 2011, I introduced and started attended conventions on behalf of the site.

I've really enjoyed attending conventions, talking to people, hosting a table. I had plans to attend more conventions in 2014, but other responsibilities got in the way. Ah, responsibilities, professional, social, and the like. I've been so incredibly busy with work, volunteerism, and trying to keep up with everything there is to do, that I've neglected my blogging responsibilities. Truth be told, I have felt rather uninspired as of late. This has left me thinking about where to go with Kentucky Geek Girl.

Lately, when I have prepared to write, the words haven't quite flowed as well as I would have liked. I'm sure I'll work through it, as I have before, but I wanted to be completely honest with everyone as to why you haven't seen a lot from me lately. It's mostly not having time for blogging, but definitely a bit of the writer's block.

I'm always looking for story ideas and I'm brainstorming ways to keep KGG alive as a place for Kentuckians to get their geek news. Living in Lexington, I'll of course be focusing on Central KY, but I would like to also feature what's going on in other parts of the Commonwealth. I'm going to spend the remainder of 2014 really thinking about what to do with KGG and in 2015, I hope to celebrate the site's 5th anniversary with a bang.

Thanks to everyone for sticking out this dry spell. I really appreciate everyone's support!

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