Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dare to Be Bold Next Saturday

I've made it a mission of mine since returning to Lexington to become connected with as many people as I can be. Getting out into the community, talking to people, and finding out what I can do to help make Lexington a better place just comes second nature to me now and I find myself becoming involved with more and more all the time. From food festivals, to local workshops, and of course historical organizations, I am busier than ever before. It's awesome.

When I was working for a local after-school program a few years ago, I learned of Girls on the Run and other after-school programs which work to empower girls and promote self-esteem. I was in Girl Scouts and was super involved in many clubs and activities which gave me leadership positions. And now, as an adult, it makes me very glad to see so many stepping up to make sure that no girls are left behind in this media-driven, male-dominated world, especially in light of controversies like Gamer Gate, #notallmen, and the like. It's imperative to teach the next generation of women that they are strong, that they are equal, and that they deserve respect.

The founders of Be Bold, Inc. have a mission to achieve just that, "to empower girls by partnering with them to set and achieve tangible goals for themselves through entertainment, education, and above all inspiration." For just $5, girls will be able to attend the workshop which will feature a number of inspirational speakers talking on topics such as self-esteem, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. A step team performance, a fashion show, and art projects are just a few of the activities that girls 9-18 will be able to take part in.

By instilling in them the ability to dream, to think of something greater than their poverty-stricken neighborhoods (or better yet, come back and do something to help them), and to share their goals with others, Be Bold is a program which will help young girls find their strength and bring to light the necessity to nurture those growing up in areas of Lexington like the East End, which are rich in history and tradition, but lose the attention to the more affluent neighborhoods.

Sponsors for Be Bold include University of Kentucky, Partners for Youth, and Third Street Stuff. There is still time to show your support for this initiative. Volunteer your time, make a donation, or just spread the word about the amazing work that is being done in Lexington.

If you know of a girl who would benefit from Dare to be Bold, registration has been extended to October 29. I'm excited to volunteer for Dare to Be Bold!

Dare to Be Bold
University of Kentucky, Student Center

November 1, 2014
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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