Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"We are the World of Warcraft" Celebrates Life on Azeroth

Jimmy Fallon kicked off the annual Late Night Video Game Week on Monday, but kicked it into overdrive last night when he brought together World of Warcraft players for a ballad to the beloved game. I played WoW for almost five years, and though I quit cold turkey, I've played off and on in the last year or so. I still appreciate the game, but I don't think I'll ever be as hardcore of a player as I was. Video after the break!

When I found out that many of the WoW community would be featured in the video, I was ecstatic. In fact several members of Gamebreaker TV including Olivia Grace and Missy are featured prominently among the chorus. Along with Felicia Day and Chris Hardwick, the crew sings about Orcs, Trolls, and Worgen.

I'll always remember my time in World of Warcraft fondly. My roommate and I would stay up raiding the Horde capitals. On several occassions, we were actually raid leaders and would strategize and give commands to the group. I'd level with my friend and then her boyfriend and we'd have epic LAN parties. Most recently, I've leveled a Worgen warrior named Josalena with a friend's Worgen Priest named Ololara and taught him the RPG of MMORPG. I hope everyone has as fond memories of WoW as I do.

In its ninth year, World of Warcraft continues to be the world's most popular MMO. Though the content may change, the feels remain the same. We're all part of the World of Warcraft.

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