Monday, March 4, 2013

Around the Web: BBC Sherlock Theme Goes Metal

This weekend, my friend Becky shared the link to an amazing video over on the Twitter, but I wasn't able to watch it until this afternoon. As a now die-hard Sherlockian (I think that's what the fandom is calling itself nowadays) and devoted Cumberfan, I wanted to share it as well. YouTuber 331Erock has taken done metal covers of many favorites, including the James Bond theme. Here, he's adapted the score from Michael Price and David Arnold of the BBC series Sherlock. As a fan of people taking something and turning it into something even more awesome, I totally approve. Bonus video after the jump.

Apparently 331Erock is no stranger to BBC series, having adapted the Doctor Who theme to a metal version last year. It's ... cool.

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