Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kickstarter Spotlight: A CONvoluted Story

I love conventions, you love conventions, and so do the good folks at The New Normal Productions. If you're a convention goer or just like hearing about them from others, then A CONvoluted story is the documentary for you. They can only do it, however, with your support on Kickstarter. Their project will take them to several science fiction/comic conventions in 2012 (including Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, better known as C2E2, HeroesCon, New York Comic Con and Dragon*Con) where they will interview attendees and discover what draws people to conventions. Whether its the ability to meet like-minded geeks, cosplay, or finally to meet your childhood idol, Bryan, Bex, Proffitt, and Jason will explore what brings geeks together and allows them to let their geek flags fly.

The funding for this project will allow the team to film and promote A CONvoluted story, but it will also assist with other fees associated with traveling to these conventions, especially hotel and convention costs. There several tiers of support; you can give $1 or $1000, just help them out! There are only 61 hours left, so pledge your support!

For more information about A CONvoluted Story, check out Word of the Nerd Online, Good Girls Gone Geek, and The New Normal Productions. Check back here for more information about awesome Kickstarter (and other fundraising) projects!

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