Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crafty Geeks: Christmas Shopping Guide

With Thanksgiving less than one week away, the Christmas shopping season is most certainly upon us. Instead of purchasing gifts from a Big Box store, why not consider browsing through Etsy or purchasing a locally made item? Geeky crafters take time and put their heart and soul into their products. To ensure Christmas delivery, you'll want to place your orders as soon as possible. Here are some of my favorite Crafty Geeks. Check out their inventory and place an order for your favorite nerds!

Lesley, aka The Pink Toque aka GEEKSOAP, makes wonderful geektastic handmade soaps. She's a gamer geek and loves World of Warcraft and Star Wars. She has created unique designs such as Game Cartridge soaps, D20 soap on a rope and these fantastic Game of Thrones inspired soaps. You can choose your house: Stark or Lannister. Lesley sent me a sample of both, and I must say, I enjoy the Stark. The hints of pine make you feel like you're in Winterfell. However, the patchouli in Lannister reminds me of yearly trips to the Renaissance Fair, a most happy memory.

Image courtesy GEEKSOAP

Find her on Twitter and Facebook! Also, check out her Cthulhu store on The Pink Toque!

Kylee of Luxury Lane Soap uses organic ingredients to ensure that her soap is earth friendly. In addition to bath soap, she also make shampoo and conditioner to make your hair smell as geeky as possible. Her Clean Caffeine body wash comes in both Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper scents so you can enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage even in the shower! Her original soaps include the limited edition Borg Cube soap and Han Solo in Carbonite.

Image courtesy Luxury Lane Soap

Check out Kylee and Luxury Lane Soap on Facebook and Twitter

To quote the great Cookie Monster, "Om nom nom nom." Geeky Cookies has been merging confectionery delights and all things geek since 2009. Leo creates cookies based on some of geekdom's favorite things including D20 cookies, Starfleet uniforms, and even Codex's staff (as seen in The Guild.) A new edition to the Geeky Cookies lineup are Browncoat Brownies. Based Firefly, this new brownie is called The Captain Mal, after Malcom Reynolds, captain of Serenity. 

Image courtesy of Geeky Cookies

Check out Geeky Cookies on Twitter and Facebook!

Your favorite gamer needs a proper dice bag. Luckily, Dragon Chow makes products to fill such a need. Lyndsay, of Dragon Chow, is a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 player, and her dice bags were nominated for an ENnie award, which is part of the gaming convention Gen Con. Her designs include TARDIS bag, Firefly, and even Crown Royal bags. (What gamer hasn't used one of those to hold their dice?)

Image courtesy Dragon Chow

Follow Dragon Chow on Facebook and Twitter!

Paper Tiger Gifts, made by Stacy, features fun and unique paper gifts for geeks, gamers, and anyone who loves pop culture. Her inventory includes greeting cards and notepads with bacon and zombies. Who doesn't love bacon and zombies? A line of Dungeon and Dragons notepads help your favorite DM keep their notes in order. You can also write notes to your favorite Honey Badger! (Not like they care anyway.)

Image courtesy Paper Tiger Gifts

Check out Stacy and her paper goodies on Faceook and Twitter.

I hope you now have a few gift ideas in mind. Share them with your friends and family and let them know what YOU want for Christmas too! 

What's on your Christmas list?

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