Saturday, October 1, 2011

Disney meets the Lantern Corps

This is one mashup that I wouldn't have predicted, but that totally makes sense. SilverwingFox posted this rendering of the Lantern Corps on his DeviantArt account. He provided explanation for why he chose a particular character and they totally fit. Even though my favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, I totally get why he chose her for the Orange Lantern. Hope you all enjoy this!

Red Lantern Stitch-Based off his initial behavior
Orange Lantern Ariel-She's a horder, and incredibly selfish within the context of her own movie
Yellow Lantern Jack Skellington-He likes to inspire fear
Green Lantern Mulan-Most Disney characters fall under Will, so I just picked Mulan and gave her a Jedi ish outfit
Blue Lantern Beast-He has a lot of hope. And don't ask for what smartass
Indigo Lantern Aladdin - he's very compassionate, even more so in the series, so he fits
Star Sapphire Jessica Rabbit-She has great love for her husband
Black Lantern Flynn/Eugene Ryder-Fitzherbert-He died and came back to life, it's a no brainer
and White Lantern Rapunzel-She brought Flynn back to life, also DUH

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