Monday, January 12, 2015

The Doctor Returns in a Encore Run of Mystery Theatre Production

Last summer, I had the esteem pleasure of attending a performance of Doctor! WHO is the Murderer?!, an original mystery by Kathy Hobbs, director of Fantastical Theatricals. The show is back by popular demand and will run for two weekends at The Chop House.

If you missed my review of Doctor! WHO is the Murderer?! be sure check it out. Space is limited, so make sure that you buy your tickets now. Purchasing a ticket will ensure your dinner reservation for The Chop House. This show is perfect for a date night with your favorite Whovian. Be advised that you're getting a great meal at The Chop House, but it's not cheap.

Cascade Cadenza (who is working under an assumed name) is hosting a Doctor Who convention and has invited several currently earthbound former companions to be panelists. All the panelists, and Cascade as well, hope that the event will bring a Very Special Guest of Honor.
The Security Guy is a sour old puss, utterly inept at talking up the ladies and he reluctantly helps Cascade preside over the costume contest. (Yes, PLEASE come dressed in costume, if you like. There WILL be a prize awarded)
But- OH NO!!! The Security Guy is NOT the security guy after all. He's actually an evil Master of Disguise, and Our Very Special Guest of Honor's arch nemesis! And he has a dastardly plan!- He even has minions planted among the crowd to help him.
This is when the Very Special Guest of Honor decides to show up.
Just as The Master (OD) has put his evil plan into motion, someone dies! In his grief, our Very Special Guest of Honor accuses the panelists, and Cascade of MURDER! With the help of the audience he does his best to find the Can he do it? Will you help? Well then! Allons-y!
This show really is a Whovian love letter and I enjoyed every minute of it. Take the opportunity to see it during is encore run! Many thanks to Kathy and the gang for allowing me to take in their show last summer. It is an experience that I'll treasure for years to come!

Fantastical Theatricals
Doctor! WHO is the Murderer?!
The Chop House
2640 Richmond Road Lexington
Admission at the Chop House is $15.00 plus menu ordering 

Evening Performances dinner seating promptly at 6:30
Show begins between 7:45pm at 8pm
Friday evenings, January 16 & 23
Saturday evenings  January 17 & 24
Matinee shows on January 17 & 24 seating at 11:30am

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