Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sherlock Gets the Musical Treatment

It's been two years since the end of Sherlock series 2 and we've been left with many unanswered questions. With Series 3 starting tomorrow, I thought I'd share a couple of amazing musical offerings that I came across thanks to the wonderful world of Tumblr.

Sherlock - The Musical (Season 3) by AVbyte

I love Sherlock and I love musicals, so the chances of the potential awesomeness by putting the two together was elementary. Not only do the two actors that they chose to play Holmes and Watson favor Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, they also have great voices. The song follows the plot of "The Empty Hearse" to the letter and I adore that they incorporated themes from the Sherlock score by David Arnold and Michael Price. Be warned, though, there are spoilers for Sherlock season 3.

Sherlock Theme (A Capella) by The Warp Zone

The Warp Zone makes some amazing fandom videos and their latest project is no different. Along with the Doctor Who theme, they've taken the Sherlock theme song and turned it a capella. As an a capella aficionado, this pleases me greatly.

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Image from Baker Street Wiki.

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