Thursday, May 16, 2013

Around the Web: Dalek Relaxation Tape

In the past, I've used tapes to relax and help clear my head. I find that no matter your religion affiliation, meditation helps you to center and become a more relaxed and better you. That's why, when I found out about the Dalek Relaxation Tape, I jumped at the chance to learn some basic principles from our Dalek masters.

The Dalek Relaxation Tape has everything you need to helpe EXTERMINATE your tension. You're left with such a feeling of contentment that you're able to OBEY any command. I was surprised that Daleks had a concept of relaxation, but through the Dalek Relaxation Tape, all of my concerns have been allayed. Just take a listen, I know that you will be able to ACCOMMODATE this tape into your own meditation program.

The audio for this was also posted on Tumblr several weeks ago. Here is the original post!

The Dalek Relaxation Tape will definitely ABATE any feelings of stress that you might have. Enjoy!

(H/T to Victoria and Kerry)

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