Thursday, April 4, 2013

Critic Roger Ebert Dies of Cancer at 70

Just yesterday, film critic Roger Ebert announced that he would be taking a "leave of presence" due to the recurrence of his cancer. The critic, who wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times, said that he needed to slow down with his writing. I'm very sad to report however, the the Sun-Times has now reported that Ebert passed away this afternoon.

I remember watching he and Gene Siskel, who died from complications following brain surgery, on the weekends at my aunt's house. I learned so much from watching their show and listening to their film critiques. I was saddened by Siskel's passing and have had such admiration for Roger Ebert as he battled salivary gland and thyroid cancer for the past decade. 

A full story about his life and legacy can be found from the Chicago Sun-Times, but I absolutely had to write a short post expressing my absolute grief and offer my thoughts and prayers to his family.

Here's a clip of Siskel & Ebert At the Movies from 1983 where they took a look at the Star Wars phenomenon and review Return of the Jedi.

You'll be missed, Roger Ebert. 

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