Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trailer Tuesday: Jurassic Park 3D + Free Pass

20 years ago, a film was released which would have an enormous impact, and not just from the T-Rex's size 500 sneakers. Jurassic Park, based on a book by Michael Crichton and directed by Steve Spielberg, changed the face of film-making with its use of animatronics and special effects. Still in its infancy, this technology would be a catalyst in the motion picture industry. Not to mention, would affect a generation of movie-goers.

I first saw Jurassic Park when it was broadcast for the first time on network television. If I recall correctly, NBC was granted the rights to show it. At roughly seven years old (the film came out when I was six), I was captivated with the movie. I remember watching as the raptors chased Laura Dern, as Samuel L. Jackson's character advised everyone to hold onto their butts. What I recall most vividly, however, is the T-Rex chowing down on the lawyer who had holed himself inside an outhouse. That scene has been burned in my consciousness, so much so that it inspired one of my most vivid nightmares of childhood.

To be honest, Jurassic Park terrified me. I was convinced that somewhere someone had built their own island inhabited by dinosaurs. Jurassic Park also fueled my interest in paleontology. Just after the movie, an exhibit opened at a local museum which had large animatronic dinosaurs. It was awesome and scary all at the same time. In short, I was forever changed by this movie, whether or not I was scared of it as a kid.

And now, it's being released in 3D in just over a week. I am so looking forward to seeing it on the big screen for the first time. Thanks to my friends at Fathom Events, you can too! Information after the video.

This Saturday, March 30 at 10 AM, special screenings will be held across the country. You have an opportunity thanks to Fathom Events and Cinemark Tinseltown. Send me and email if you're interested in a pass. All you have to do is to print out this pass and present it at the theater. Be sure to get there early (at least a half hour before showing) because there is usually a line for screenings like this. 

This is your opportunity to see Jurassic Park 3D before anyone else! Be sure to email me if you want a pass. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more opportunities! Huge thanks to Fathom Events for allowing me to share this with everyone!

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