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LCTC 2013: Even Better The Second Time Around

It took me a few days to gather my thoughts about Lexington Comic & Toy Con 2013. Not only did I want to find the right words to express how I felt about the whole experience, but honestly, I needed a couple of days off from writing. There was such exponential growth from LCTC 2012 to 2013. We saw the space double, but also the number of days of the convention. As a result, nearly 10,000 people were able to experience the con. That’s phenomenal. In no certain order, here are my thoughts about LCTC.

I thought that the organization of the artists and other exhibitors seemed pretty spread out. The big vendors seemed pretty much clumped in the middle. I know that it’s important for comic book stores to come and bring their wares, but it just seemed like there were so many feet of long boxes that could have been arranged in a different way. I wonder if it would be possible to have the bigger vendors spread out among the con floor with more of the artists closer together. With the sheer variety of exhibitors, I’m sure it was difficult to arrange everything just so. I was glad to be near my friends from Beaucoup Pop, as we are like minded with the popular culture and what not.

I plan to improve my displays in the future!

I think that the panel rooms were located so closely to the main walk through to the red carpet. It made it difficult to navigate.  In addition, the big photo-op area was so close to the front entrance, I often got stuck behind big groups of people and it took me a bit longer to get back to the table. Would it be possible to put the red carpet/photo-op area at the back?

There was a good level of distance between the exhibitor tables and the celebrities. Last year I was able to talk at a normal volume to Neil Kaplan, while that was cool and all, it made for a bit of a crowded walkway. Seeing a nice distance between the exhibitors and the celebrities made it very convenient for the lines. There may have been a bit of an issue with the Billy Dee Williams line, but the Power Ranger lines were good. And with even more space next year, I think this will improve even more.

I know that some people wanted a longer Saturday. I was pretty tired by six, but for the sake of the fans, I could have gone at least an hour longer. Making the Ice Cream Truckers show free was a good decision. I know that it was originally going to cost about $5, which after a long day of buying sketches and autographs may have been a bit much for some. I didn’t attend the show, but I hope it went well!

The Batmobile being out of commission at the last minute sucked, but getting both the TARDIS and the Jurassic Park Jeep at the eleventh hour was awesome and really shows how much Jarrod cares about pleasing the fans. I saw that someone called the JP Jeep an “unworthy replacement,” but I would be inclined to disagree. I loved seeing it! The ECTO-1 was great and I loved the presence of the Ghostbusters!

I would love to see a gaming component at LCTC in the future. This would create a con that truly appeals to all. D20 Hobbies was set up there, so it would make sense for them to be involved. I know that it would be a lot of work to add a Gaming Track, but I think that people would respond well to it, especially since Lexington is now devoid of a gaming convention. FORGE was an awesome time and to see the two entities unite in some way would make me really happy.

I enjoyed the continuation (and expansion) of Power Rangers guests. An expansion of other media guests was great as well. I think that it’s important to try and represent all fandoms. I was saddened when Marina Sirtis opted to attend MegaCon, but I hope that Star Trek guests can get booked for next year. Doctor Who guests would also be great. Kentucky needs more Doctor Who in its life.

The 8-Bit Challenge from Vantage: Inhouse Productions

Jarrod Greer is truly a class act and Jaime, though she is mostly behind the scenes, is a driving force and the two of them make an unstoppable force. They are genuinely nice people and care so much about fans. They also care about local artists and media. I’ll be eternally grateful for them allowing me to be a part of something so special.

To those who stopped by table 613 this weekend, I think you. When I started Kentucky Geek Girl, I never dreamed that one day I would attend conventions to promote it. I had the privilege to talk to many of you and the positive feedback was welcomed and appreciated. I was honored to have some great table neighbors which made the experience so much fun. Beaucoup Pop and Jenny Stead were great once more, but I was so glad to meet Amber of Cute-Loot. Check out her work because it is great! I also was able to see the work of L.O.I. Studios first hand and their collective talents are awesome.

Thank you to all who bought tickets for the KGG raffle. I’m sorry that things went a bit slow with so many people not being in attendance of the raffle and having to move on. If I ever do it again, I may reformat things a bit. However, the money raised will help me do some great things for the site.

Kerry from Beaucoup Pop
I am so lucky to be a part of a great community. Though I am no longer living in Central Kentucky, I know that the geek community there is so strong and just continues to strengthen. The friends I have made in the last year of KGG have been amazing. It is all so much more than I could have hoped for.

I believe will all of my heart that Lexington Comic & Toy Con will continue to grow. With the attendance totaling nearly 10,000, it will become a premiere convention destination and will allow fans in Kentucky (and beyond) to celebrate what they love. LCTC is a place where people can proudly show their geek or nerd colors. It is a safe space where everyone can go to be who they truly are without fear of judgment. Cosplayers, bloggers, artists, and fans alike can go to LCTC and geek it up and be proud to call themselves fans.

I will continue to support LCTC as long as I am able. Jarrod ad Jaime will always have the endorsement of Kentucky Geek Girl in all of their endeavors. Be sure to check out the Kentucky Reptile Expo when it comes to a town near you. I hope that they will have a great time on their very well deserved vacation. They’ve earned it.

Be sure to write on the wall for Lexington Comic & Toy Con and let them know what you thought of LCTC 2013. Also, be sure to let them know who you want to see in 2014. Here’s to a great 2013 Convention Season. The next stop on the KGG Con-voy will be Tri-Con in Huntington, WV on April 6. My next convention where I’ll be an exhibitor will be Derby City Comic Con in Louisville on June 29. I’m excited to work with Chuck, John, and the rest of the DCCC team.

Thanks to everyone for your support of Kentucky Geek Girl! Check out my gallery from LCTC on Facebook!

Addendum: I completely forgot to acknowledge the fact that I did a panel with Beaucoup Pop on blogging and podcasting. We had a great turnout and it was awesome. I had a great time doing it and I hope we get the opportunity to do it again. There were some great questions from the audience and they seemed really engaged. I'm sad that we didn't get a video of it.

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