Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Video from Shadow Clone Shows that it Feels Good to Cosplay

In my 25 years I had never seen someone who raps about anime and cosplay until I met Shadow Clone. In fact, I first saw him performing while I was waiting in line at Derby City Comic Con back in 2011, but that is before I knew who he was or how awesome he is! As a Nerdcore artist, he uses his hip hop beats to focus on his interests in anime/manga, video games, and all things that are generally nerdy.

This week, Shadow Clone released a video for his latest single "Damn, It Feels Good to Cosplay" which may have a very familiar beat. The video was filmed at SukoshiCon: Destination Anime and was a collaborative effort on two levels. In addition working with the video's director and other members of the crew, Shadow Clone also collaborated with cosplay special guests who were attending the convention and other cosplayers who were at the con, based in Destin, Florida. Prior to the convention, he reached out to the cosplay guests, who were very receptive to his request to be in the video.

I had the opportunity to ask Shadow Clone a few questions about the video and his influences. There are so many fantastic costumes featured in the video and this is definitely a unique topic for a song. When asked why cosplay is such a good medium for self expression, he responded, "Well, for one, you can do whatever you want!" How true that is. He went on to say,

"When you cosplay, you are showcasing your interpretation of a particular character, idea, concept, etc, [by] putting yourself into the presentation. Just consider a cosplay photo shoot where you have multiple people cosplaying the same character. Everyone is doing their own version, expressing themselves while paying homage to something they love."
Shadow Clone has performed in the greater Lexington area, but has also traveled across the country to share his talents with convention goers. Recently, he competed in a Battle of the Bands at the University of Kentucky and will appear next month at Lexington Comic and Toy Convention.

Some of his musical influences include Utada Hikaru (one of my favorites!), Lemon Demon, and MC Chris, but he says that he draws inspiration from the world around him.

"I see, hear, feel, and do things everyday that become inspiration for the creative process. I am also really inspired by my favorite anime, One Piece. I chase my dream all day everyday no matter what, and I seek crew members that have their own goals that align with my own. This way we can chase together helping each other with our respective ambitions."

Check him out on Facebook  for the latest information on his appearances. His music is free and you can listen to it on Soundcloud and Youtube. Be sure to follow his updates as he trains to compete to be Ninja Warrior!

Thanks to Shadow Clone for my questions. Keep up the great music!

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