Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ahoy, Mateys!

As you can see, things have been a bit busier around here than they had as of late. I am sorry that I hadn't stopped in to say Hello more often, but things were extremely busy with finishing my last semester of school. In fact, I made school a higher priority than a lot of things, but it all paid off beautifully. If you follow Kentucky Geek Girl on Facebook, then you see my daily updates there. I also tweet like a mad woman as well. However, I just didn't have a lot of time to sit down and beautifully construct a blog post for your reading pleasure.

That changes now.

You see, on December 14, I finished my very last semester of undergraduate, my last day of work at my part time job in Lexington was on December 21, and on December 29, I did something huge, for me at least. I left everything that I had come to know in the last seven years that I was in Lexington and moved to a new city. I am now living in the Cincinnati Metro. Don’t worry, this doesn't change my status as a Kentucky Geek Girl. I plan on finding an apartment in Northern Kentucky very soon. Kentucky is my home and I hope to be among my people again very soon. A few people have asked me if I would ever consider moving back to Lexington. The answer is an emphatic yes! I’m in the area for school and the Master’s Degree that I hope to obtain is part of a two year program. So, theoretically, I could be back in Lexington by 2015 if I find a job at a museum in the area. I do love Lexington and even if I’m not living there, I do plan on visiting as often as I can.

I hope to have a lot of news in the coming weeks regarding the conventions that I’ll be attending and where you can catch me in 2013. I’ll be updating the Conventions & Appearances tab soon! I also am working on hosting options for the site so if there’s a bit of dust around, I beg your pardon. Things have looked the same for about a year now, so it’s time for some freshening up!

In just over a month you’ll be able to catch me at Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. Stop by my table and say hello on March 16 and 17! I’ll also be part of a panel of which my co-panelists will be the gang from Beaucoup Pop! I’m so excited to sit down and talk with them again. They've really become very good friends of mine over the last couple of years. Our panel is titled “The Culture of Pop” and we’ll be talking about everything from how we started this crazy journey into internet geekdom as well as our own personal interests of popular culture. It’s going to be a fun time! That panel will be held on Saturday March 16 at 12 pm.

As soon as I get a stable internet connection (I've been waiting to have it set up for a month now) I’m going to hopefully be podcasting more and doing some videos on the web. Is there anything you’ll like to see me talk about or review? I’m definitely open to suggestions! In order to branch out my convention going, my convention reviews will be filed under the name of ReCONnaissance. Basically information gathering about the convention and then my final thoughts. I also plan on a series called New Geek in Town where I look at nerdy spots around the Cincinnati area. I think it'll be fun!

I really appreciate your continued reading and support of Kentucky Geek Girl. It’s been a busy (and rocky) couple of years, but I’m going to chalk it up to growing pains. Kentucky Geek Girl will soon be three years old and will no longer be a toddler! Expect a lot more content from me from here on out. I’m excited to share my geeky life with you all once more.

Tasha out.

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