Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Four Minute Preview for Amazing Spider-Man Released

The buzz is strong with this one. Coming off the heels of The Avengers will be Marvel's next origin story, The Amazing Spider-Man, which is said to provide the "untold story" of Peter Parker's origins. Last night on the season premiere of America's Got Talent, a four minute preview of this film was shown and has taken the web by storm. The clip shows Parker in his official role as Spider-Man and the lengths at which he will go to save the day. Video after the break.

I am a long-time Spider-Man fan. I have said before that it was the first comic that I ever read and I must say that I am very impressed at what has been done with this story in order to reinvent it in a unique way. It has been just over a decade since Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man film premiered (with a song by Nickelback as its theme, no less - that should have said something right then) and comparing the two, I think we can definitely say that the 2012 reinvention of a Spider-Man film franchise was a smart move.

I think that it will be very interesting to see the transformation of Dr. Curtis Connors into Lizard. With Spider-Man 3, there were just so many villains, it was hard to keep track and so keeping one clear and concise baddie will be a refreshing change for a Spider-Man franchise. We must remember that Dr. Connors did appear in all three Raimi-helmed Spider-Man films, but his role was definitely diminished and he did not become Lizard. How muddled would it have been in addition to the other villains of Spider-Man 3, we would have had to contend with Lizard as well.

In the preview The Amazing Spider-Man is called "the most anticipated film of the summer." I think that the most anticipated film of the summer movie season was definitely The Avengers, which did not disappoint and has raked in nearly 1 BILLION DOLLARS. *cue pinky* So, the ball is definitely in Marvel's court here. Will this film truly be as amazing as the title suggests? I think we'll see on July 3 when it opens.

Will DC or Marvel come out on top this summer? Leave a message in the comments!

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