Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viral Videos for 'Prometheus' Hit the Web: Weyland Ted Talk 2023 (Guy Pearce) and Happy Birthday David (Michael Fassbender)

Capitalizing on the success of viral videos, the marketing department at Twentieth Century Fox who arebehind the new Ridley Scott film Prometheus have released two videos that they expect will make their way around the internet. The two videos set up the film quite nicely and definitely make me want to see it even more than an awesome IMAX trailer that was attached to The Hunger Games.

In Weyland TED Talk 2023, Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) follows a timeline of technological advancements. Beginning with Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods, and following the trajectory that takes civilization to the year 2023, Weyland outlines the way technology has evolved over the course of human history. By 2023, technology has advanced to the creation of cybernetic individuals. To Weyland, only one conclusion can be drawn from this. Humans are now the gods.

Happy Birthday David features the cybernetic individuals that Weyland referenced in his TED Talk. The beginning of the video asks "What is it about robots that make them so robotic?" Effectively a commercial for Weyland Industries, Happy Birthday David introduces the world to David, portrayed by Michael Fassbender. In the video, David explains his capabilities to understand human emotion and says that "war, poverty, cruelty, and unnecessary violence" make him sad. He is unable to feel emotion, but is capable of understanding it. David explains that he can do almost anything that can possibly be asked of him. Because he is incapable of feeling human emotion, he is able to perform tasks that human workers may feel are unethical. Take a look at the video, if nothing more than it is an amazing example of Fassbender's acting chops.


What do you think of these new videos?

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