Thursday, April 12, 2012

ConGlomeration in Louisville This Weekend

Louisville's multimedia science fiction and fantasy convention, ConGlomeration, will be held this weekend at the Louisville Ramada and Conference Center April 13 - April 15 (Friday through Sunday). The convention,which is organized completely for fans by fans, will celebrate its twelfth year in 2012. Following the retirement of RiverCon in 2000, fans of fantasy and science fiction began a convention which has been a staple in the Louisville science fiction scene. The entire staff is volunteer and the convention is truly a labor of love. More after the break!

ConGlomeration has several fantastic guests of honor lined up for the 2012 convention. The Author Guest of Honor is Michael Williams, who is a Louisville native. He publishes novels of "gothic/historical fiction/fantasy/ science fiction/redneck magical realism" - which includes works Weasel’s Luck (1988) and Galen Beknighted (1990), the critically acclaimed Arcady (1996) and Allamanda (1997), and, most recently, Trajan’s Arch (2010), several titles of which were published by Wizards of the Coast as under in the Dragonlance series. Williams has a new novel Vine, which will be released this summer. Find more from Michael Williams at Blackwyrm Publishing.

The 2012 Artist Guest of Honor is John Tyler Christopher, whose work has appeared on the covers of Witchblade, in the pages of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as publications by White Wolf and Mutants & Masterminds. You can also see his design work for Star Wars miniatures. 

The 2012 Gaming Guests of Honor are Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt. I met Sean, who is Marketing and Communications editor for DriveThruRPG, last summer at Fandom Fest and he was a pleasure to talk with about publishing role-playing games. He helped Kentucky Geek Girl become part of the preferred blogger and reviewer program at DriveThruRPG. Sean has been professionally involved in RPGs for over twenty years. He is the author of The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible and is part of the team of SilverMeet Studios. Carinn works with DriveThruRPG assisting with marketing, content editing, program coordination, and customer service support. She also has done work for Fat Dragon Games in sales. While she is a newcomer to the gaming world, she is very enthusiastic about both the hobby and industry of gaming. She is a founding partner of SilverMeet, LLC and is Editor-in-Chief of SilverMeet Studios.

Con-goers can expect to speak with authors about their works in science fiction and fantasy, but for gamers there is an opportunity to try a host of fun and exciting games. You can pick your poison at ConGlomeration with systems such as Dungeons & Dragons, QAGS (by Hex Games), Changling, Werewolf, Warhammer, and more Lovecraft than you can shake a tentacle at. But there won't just be tabletop roleplaying games at ConGlomeration; con-goers can expect board games, card games, and miniature games as well. There may even be some LARPing!

In addition to an Art Show and wonderful items for purchase in the Dealers Room, you can also participate in the ConGlomeration Masquerade, which will include a constume competition. Paper faces on parade indeed! If I were going, I'd probably break out my super-duper Indiana Jones cosplay again. So, if you head over to ConGlomeration, dress up! You can even present your costume concept in a pageant-style portion of the Masquerade and you might win a trophy!

ConGlomeration looks to be a fantastic time and so much hard work is put into the convention. Gaming podcast All Games Considered will be on hand and will even be broadcasting live from the convention. Here is their current schedule for ConGlomeration:


6P - 7P
AGC Live! Interview with Michael Williams (Dragonlance writer) between 6p & 6: 30p, then DriveThruRPG's Sean Patrick Fannon & Carinn Seabolt from 6:30p - 7p

8P - 10P
Gamemaster Seminar - The popular seminar returns, featuring the casts of All Games Considered and The Game Knights! Come discuss your problems, and learn techniques to step up your role-playing games!

Rumor has it that both Mark and Carol will be running games in the Gaming Room...Carol said something about Dresden... :)

In addition, Marsha White will be running two RPG panels:


3P - 4P
The Art of Adventure Design (Mags) - A good GM can roleplay, strategize, and plan on the fly, but a great GM knows that preplanning is the key to success. What makes a great story for an RPG?


11AM - Noon
Kicking People Out of Your Game (Mags) - Where do you draw the line at kicking people out of your gaming group? What are the things you should try before you kick them out? Explore the hairy topic of 'kicking people out of your game'.

ConGlomeration 2012
Louisville Ramada and Conference Center
9700 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299
Fee: $40 at the door

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