Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video for Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound" Premieres

Last night on the Twitter account for The Capitol, the fictitious city in Panem, which appears in The Hunger Games, there was an announcement that the video for Taylor Swift's video "Safe and Sound" was to premiere tonight. Viewing was mandatory, as all things are in Panem. The video for Swift's addition to film's soundtrack appeared on MTV tonight during First Look: Taylor Swift.

Check out the video after the cut

Video courtesy MTV

Okay. I love The Civil Wars and I think that this song would have been 100x more powerful had it just been the two of them without Taylor Swift. I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of hers and I just think that The Civil Wars could have done it so much better on their own. I do like the lyrics of the song and I think it reflects in a lot of ways the way that Katniss wants to protect Prim in the book series. It's interesting that the video doesn't have a lot of elements from the movie. This could be because it was intended to be a stand-alone sort of deal.

Overall, I do like the video. It does seem very dystopian, which is in keeping with the theme of the books. Also, it's interesting that Swift discovers a Mockingjay pin in the abandoned house. There was definitely a very creepy, interesting feel the to video and I like it for the most part, except the whole Taylor Swift part.

Check out The Capitol's website for more information about The Hunger Games movie release!

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Image courtesy Big Machine via MTV

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