Friday, February 24, 2012

Could Benedict Cumberbatch Be The Star Trek 2 Villain?

Photos from the much anticipated sequel to J. J. Abrams' Star Trek have been released!

If the photos that were taken on the set of the film this week, then the answer is probably yes! Let me say that I totally dig the idea of Cumberbatch playing the bad guy in the Star Trek sequel. He has such a wide range and is so absolutely expressive. Just looking at this photo of him with Spock, you can tell that scene is going to be intense. In the release by MTV, it says that the two hunky actors are on a "space barge" of sorts and that Cumberbatch is actually wearing a black Starfleet uniform. From what I can tell, in this timeline, the color-coded tunics are only worn on ships. Outside of the ship, the standard issue is a black one-piece outfit, which has more of a military appearance. I'm wondering if Cumberbatch is playing some sort of rogue Starfleet officer. Let's get real here. He's completely and utterly gorgeous either way. In the other photo, we can see Uhura getting herself involved in the fray with Cumberbatch. Even the back of his head is amazing. And face it, if someone can overcome being locked in a Vulcan Death Grip, it's Benedict!

So now we wait. With a May 13, 2013 release date, we're just over 14 months away from release. Hopefully there will be some new information soon, which will include the context of these photographs. Is Benedict Cumberbatch really playing a villain? Maybe he's just misunderstood.

What do you think? Leave your speculation in the comments!

News/images courtesy MTV.

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