Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stuff That Doesn't Suck (8): The Superhero Edition

Stuff that doesn’t suck is a meme hosted by Pam at Bookalicious where we graciously share with you the things that we come across in a week that don’t suck. This includes a variety of things from books to music to youtube and even more. Feel free to join in on the comments or on your own blog.

It's that time again where we post some of the things that has made us smile this week.

Holy Video Compilation That Doesn't Suck
If you know anything Robin, then you know that he is one of the most quotable sidekicks in all of superhero-dom. The catchphrase "Holy ____ Batman!" is widely recognizable and has been a part of pop culture for decades. Youtube user Tedfufu made this video compilation of some of the best (and worst) of Robin's Holy exclamations. My favorite is Holy endangered species!

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World of Warcraft Screenshot that Doesn't Suck
I played on an RP realm and one of my favorite parts of playing was creating special outfits that would my characters would wear. One of my favorites was an Indiana Jones inspired outfit that my paladin Misaka would sport, complete with a fedora. Sadly, whips aren't part of the arsenal of weapons in WoW yet, but if I could have obtained one, you know I would have.

Player Vaga from the guild Psychotic submitted this for Warcraft's Screenshot of the Day on Facebook. I happen to love this look. Even down to the circlet on the female character's head, these outfits are very close to the characters by which they were inspired. Kudos to Vaga.

Superhero Lawn Gnomes That Don't Suck
Okay, now this is just adorable. I'm a huge fan of gnomes and always have been. In fact, I want these to put out on my patio and another set for inside my apartment. The Papier Boy posted this on Instructables and I want him to make me some.

Vintage Superhero Photo That Doesn't Suck
This photo is apparently of a show from Sea World of Orlando circa 1979. It's pretty freaking sweet.

What hasn't sucked for you this week? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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