Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I pledge allegiance to Captain America

A new theatrical trailer for Captain America was released just a couple of weeks ago, and now that we've hit July 4th, America's Day of Independence, the clock continutes to tick toward the July 22 release date. I made it no secret that I am a strong supporter of Captain America and his message. As an American historian, I believe that though he ws initially created as a piece of political propaganda, there is something genuine and steadfast about this normal guy from Brooklyn who becomes an ultimate warrior for the American way. Come on, this guy is a veteran Nazi-pwner for crying out loud! Superman, to my recollection never beat up any Nazis.

In fact, the very first issue of the Captain America comic, Captain America Comics #1, depicted Cap punching Adolf Hitler square in the jaw. That issue, dated March 1941, went on to sell one million copies. March 1941 was around one year since the fighting of World War II had begun, but only nine months before the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan, the catalyst that would bring the United States into WW2. In Captain America: The First Avenger, our villain is Red Skull, portrayed by Hugo Weaving, who, like Captain America, is a test subject of his country's super-soldier program.

Steve Rogers was horrified by newsreel footage of Nazi soldiers ransacking Europe and the Japanese and Chinese treatment of Korea. So, he attempted to enlist in the military in order to become a soldier for WW2. Ultimately being rejected due to his size and frailty, he is handpicked for the super soldier program. When he becomes Captain America, he goes on a whirlwind tour to boost morale in America.

Captain America: The First Avenger looks like an absolutely fantastic movie and it looks to me like it's stayed true to the comic book story. Chris Evans is no stranger to comic adaptations, of course, portraying Human Torch in both Fantastic Four movies.

Keep an eye out for more Captain America news and a review following the movie's release!

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