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Interview with Cincinnati Comic Expo's Andrew Satterfield

As part of the 2013 Kentucky Geek Girl Convention-palooza, I'll be appearing at the Cincinnati Comic Expo September 13-15! Now that I live in the Cincinnati metro, I'm excited that this con is so close! I live just across the river from the Duke Energy Convention Center, so I can't wait meet a bunch of new Cincinnati area geeks, but also see a lot of my friends as well. Kentucky Geek Girl is officially a part of the convention as a "Fan Group" along awesome folks the likes of Beaucoup Pop, The Nerdy Bomb, and TheOneRing.net!

Andrew Satterfield, who has been a tremendous friend the Kentucky Geek Girl over the past couple of years, took some time from his busy convention planning schedule to answer a few of my questions, which I suppose I should start filing as "Convention 411." My interview is after the break!

Photo by Scott D.M. Simmons
Kentucky Geek Girl: What is your relationship to Cincinnati Comic Expo?
Andrew Satterfield: Many say I am the founder and owner. I prefer the term, Captain.

KGG: Alright, Captain, tell me a bit about your background and relationship to comics.
AS: My brothers and sisters were into comics and I hold them responsible for this obsession. Many vacations with them to Florida and Myrtle Beach were in a van filled of the latest issues of Archie, G.I. Joe and Conan comics. Those road trips never felt long when engrossed in good story.

Then as time progressed a friend of family turned me onto Uncanny X-Men. This was during the Jim Lee era. The art and story blew me away. I developed comic fever and every cent of my allowance was spent on comics. At one point I began soliciting orders from classmates. If I could persuade my classmates to order the same book as me an additional discount was offered off the cover price. When you are 12 years old every quarter mattered!

KGG: Why did you want to get involved with CCE?
AS: We have a very passionate and knowledgeable fan base in this region. So after attending many conventions in Chicago or New York I wanted to fans in this region the same experiences that I felt. Why should all the big cities have the fun? So in 2009 Matt Bredestege and I created the Cincinnati Comic Expo as a platform for fans to interact with creators and to browse a vendor hall full of comics and pop culture goodness.

KGG: What do you think that your show offers that makes it unique? What do you have planned that is special for 2013?
AS: We always strive to make each year bigger and better and to bring ALL fans unique experiences. This process starts with a diverse guest list. We work very hard on the guest list so it includes a good mix of comic talent from legends to modern masters and classic celebrities to those on current projects.

We also partnered up with some great organizations to bring unique flavors to the show. Bricks by the Banks is a perfect example. The Cincinnati Comic Expo partnered up with OKI LUG to create a full service brick building convention designed to entertain children and adults. We have also developed the first ever Traveling Cosplay Photoshoot for our attending cosplayers and photographers. This event is a rare opportunity for the models and photographers to obtain unique photos for their portfolios. People also love our Friday Night kickoff party which is the Geek Prom.  

The Cincinnati Comic Expo is an event that everyone will have an interest in attending.

KGG: Any details for the future of the con?
AS: While executing the 2013 Cincinnati Comic Expo plans have been long underway for the future. Look for an announcement at this year’s event. It is going create some buzz and be very exciting for the fans, exhibitors and us.  

KGG: Besides CCE what other conventions do you like to attend as a fan?
AS: C2E2, Gem City, and Lexington Comic and Toy Con.

KGG: What are your favorite comics?
AS: AEC Comics, Goon and cartoon funny books

Thanks, Andrew! I'll be continuing my coverage of Cincinnati Comic Expo soon with a spotlight of the Media Guests who will be in attendance. I'm super excited for this show and I can't wait to make my convention debut in Cincinnati!

Cincinnati Comic Expo
Twitter | Website | Facebook
Duke Energy Convention Center, Hall A
525 Elm Street  
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Friday, September 13, 2013
Preview night: 5pm-7pm
Weekend and VIP ticket holders ONLY
Sunday, September 15, 2013 
(9am) 10am-7pm
Weekend Tickets: $25
Saturday and Sunday: $15

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