Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To boldly go

I've always been a Star Trek fan. I was a small child when The Next Generation was running and watched it weekly with my grandfather. I was highly impressed with the show even as a kid, and loved the fact that Levar Burton was on both Reading Rainbow and TNG. I even loved the crossover episode of Rainbow when Burton went behind the scenes of TNG. I could talk all day about that, but the point of my post is to showcase this youtube video that I found today.

I'm not by any means a fan of Ke$ha. I think she tries to hard to be like Lady Gaga, whom I love. But her songs are catchy (damn her) and I enjoy singing along for the most part. This video combines "Tik Tok" her debut song and scenes from Star Trek: The Original Series. I can just imagine William Shatner saying, "Wake up ... in ... the... morning feeling... like... P-Diddy." in his special way.


Also, I just want to share that as a small child, I wanted to marry Data.*

*Maybe I still do.

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  1. >I posted this on my Livejournal!I wanted to marry Data when I was an early teen and watching ST:TNG. My dad took me to CA for a job he had to do and I seriously thought I would become a part of the cast. ;)