Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LCTC2013: It's Going Down SATURDAY!

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or just generally know me in any way, you should know that this weekend marks the second venture for Lexington Comic and Toy Con. Wow, this year has gone by so fast! I had a great time at LCTC 2012 and with double the space, double the days, double the fun... this is turning into a Doublemint commercial. WHERE ARE MY TWINS ON ROLLER SKATES?! Did the twins ever wear roller skates? I just imagine that they did in at least one commercial.

Now I have the Mentos theme song in my head. Do you remember the Mentos commercial where the guy sits in wet paint and then he's like "That's okay, I'll just pop a Mentos!" He proceeds to make pinstripes out of the paint on his suit. The painter is totes okay with this because the guy's eating Mentos. Sign #328 that I watched way too much television as a child.

Back on track, Natasha. Yes, this weekend is Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. Full preview after the break.

There will be some fantastic media guests including

Billy Dee Williams
Peter Mayhew
Jason David Frank

David Yost
Joseph Gatt

and so many more.

Aside from the media guests, there will be a lot of great comic creators, authors, and artists there to share their talent with the Lexington. Here's a small sample:

Janet Lee

Mark Kidwell

Ronda Pattison
Sam Greenwell

But wait, there's more!

You can check out some friends of KGG:

Lexington's brand new art studio: LOI Studios

Quarantine Comics

Jen Stead

Action Lab Comics

Friends of the Lexington Public Library

Shadow Clone

Bardic Kitty

Sew Peach

I mean, really, how could you not want to come?! This is going to be a crazy amazing convention full of amazingly creative people. Plus! The Ecto-1 and Batmobile are both going to be there!

Speaking of awesomeness, on Saturday at 12 PM, I (Natasha) will be joining with Matt, Tressa, Kerry, and Justin of Beaucoup Pop for "The Culture of Pop" which will be held in Elkhorn Room B. The BCP gang will talk about what it takes to create a weekly podcast and I'll provide some insight into blogging. We'll take some questions from the audience and talk about what makes us geek out. This is the first panel for all of us and we are so excited!

And finally, as I mentioned in my contest video, I'll be holding a raffle at the convention. In order to take KGG to the next level, I'd like to buy some new podcasting equipment and software.  I'd also like to do some more stuff with video. The webcam on my laptop is okay, BUT! What I really need is some video editing software. With some software, I can create higher quality videos including vlogs, video reviews, and interviews. If you're so inclined, stop by the table and buy some raffle tickets for some awesome stuff. I'll have art, signed books, roleplaying games, posters, jewelry, and handmade apparel. It's all been donated by some of my fantastic creator friends who want to help me grow Kentucky Geek Girl. Words just can't express how grateful I am to them, so please stop by the booth and check out their work AND support KGG by buying a ticket. Tickets will be $2 for one (1), 3/ $5 or, 10/ $10. Bring cash, but I did just get Square so I'm hoping to have that set up for the show Saturday and Sunday.

LCTC was so much fun last year, so please stop by the table and say hello. I'm not an artist, I don't take commissions or I can't draw in your sketchbook, but I would love for you to stop by and say hi. If you're a fan of the Facebook, let me put a face with your name. (And if you're not a fan, GO LIKE THE PAGE!)

I'll be hanging around the Live Art and the 501st Mixer on Friday night, so be sure to say hi. Definitely stop by TABLE #613 this Saturday and Sunday!!!

Lexington Convention Center, Heritage Hall
430 West Vine Street, Lexington, KY 40507
Saturday, March 16, 2013 10am-6pm 
Sunday, March 17, 2013 10am-4pm

Weekend Pass Admission: 

22.50 in advance (You have 14 hours to buy advance tickets)

$30.00 at the door! 

Kids under 10 are always FREE!

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